26/11/14 w/ Sacha Mambo

26/11/14 w/ Sacha Mambo

Noise In My Head is back at HQ. If you missed the 12 hour NTS Radio broadcast we hosted in Tokyo last week, you can find it archived on mixcloud. Here we clock even more time with Macadam Mambo boss Sacha Mambo, whose catalogue has presented us with fine edits from the likes of Traxx, Raphael Top Secret, Mori-Ra and Albion, and OG productions from Joe’s Bakery Band and Takeshi Kouzuki. His stunning mix hit the inbox within a day of my proposition – empirical evidence that you should never waste energy overthinking these things and just let it happen. This month on Macadam Mambo finds Dunkeltier pointing scissors at four EBM and industrial classics, while Takeshi Kouzuki drops some fresh acid/jakbeat.


gaussian curve – talk to the church
superstar – folding gold
d-day – dust
toshifumi hinata – ?
peter westheimer – give and take
the durutti column – party
kevin harrison – ink man
b-52s – deep sleep
blue night – turn me loose
he said – pump
syracuse – lovventura
shiny two shiny – moment to moment
yosui inoue – senaka made 45-fun

**sacha mambo (macadam mambo) mix**

michael brook – distant village (editions eg)
sjunne fergers exit – children mind (fat)
ralph lundsten – hairy phantazy (frequent frenzy)
torch song – mothdub (vogue)
solo – love torn (next plateau)
laurie anderson – excellent birds (warner bros)
mike batt – the birth of number 17 (epic)
fad gadget – state of the nation (mute)
honeymoon killers – décollage (gaumont)
riuichi sakamoto – the left bank (plexus)
shriekback – clear trails (mistlur)
thierry matioszek – bloody loser (polydor)
the byrds – gunga din (cbs)
corbitt – out of the question (polydor)
neoton – kaliforniarol almodom (pepita)
chérèze – l’utile est pour les hommes (sacha mambo edit)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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