21/10/14 w/ Jarrod Zlatic

21/10/14 w/ Jarrod Zlatic

With mixes from Andras Fox and Instant Peterson, Hey Convict, Phil Ransom and even our own Ken Drone, Australia’s musical past is increasingly becoming a point of intrigue. Melbourne odd record fanatic and Fabulous Diamond Jarrod Zlatic takes these investigations to another frontier, surveying op shops and fairs for private new age cassettes of the 80s/90s. Documenting his findings with this meditative session, he details his research of Ambient Australis further:

“While Australia has had a deep connection with outer space, whether the visitations by ancient astronauts with the First Nations people of Australia or the more contemporarily presence of the Parkes Observatory and the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex, there has been little in the way of ‘cosmic’ music in the Continental vein. The attitude and preoccupations amongst mellow jammers escaping society has not been a drift into deep space as much as an escape to the country. New age and ambient music operating in the long tradition of landscape that has dominated the Australian aesthetic psyche. While some of these tapes came out of the big smoke many were recorded in small townships such as Buchan & the Otway Ranges in Victoria or Thora and Murwilliumbah in New South Wales, as well as coastal areas such as Byron Bay and Nambour. In that sense these tapes are a glimpse into the mid-life of Australian hippiedom; the glowing embers of the commune movements of the 1960s and 1970s, and the post-Christian spiritual turn. Tranquil farm life, alone with the birds and digital keyboards.”


ljudbilden & piloten – ivo
gaussian curve – red light
nils frahm – says
ยต-ziq – tambor
woo – make me tea
weekend – red-planes (’81 demo)
warp factor 9 – the atmospherian
stroer – vietnam
peter westheimer – renewable energy
wonder city orchestra – islander

**jarrod zlatic – plein air: australian ambient & new age cassettes 1986-1997**

cosmic voyager ‘mahadeva’ (1997)
sybil kellner ‘images in relaxation’ (1987)
dale nougher ‘eternal being’ (1987)
david johnson & john laurie ‘push bike dreaming’ (1996)
mark field ‘tranquility simple’ (1994)
mark robson ‘magenta moon’ (1992?)
tony o’connor ‘mirror moon’ (1990)
tarshito ‘breath on the water’ (1986)
ken davis ‘quest for utopia’ (198?)
cosmic voyager ‘mahadeva’ (1997)
tarshito ‘breath on the water’ (1986)
ken davis ‘ken davis live!’ (1988)
michael m harper ‘awakenings’ (1995)

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