07/10/14 w/ Salem Rashid

07/10/14 w/ Salem Rashid

Helmed by Salem Rashid, Bedouin Records is a mysterious sand spout rising from the United Arab Emirates desert, an unlikely setting for deconstructed electronics and harmonious static. Rashid’s A&R ventures into largely uncharted territory, recruiting the illusive Alison Chanic, Japan’s Imugem Orihasam and Welsh acid dropper Dez Williams, housing their hard-lined work in the most compelling sleeve design. Distributed by Honest Johns, the vinyl imprint also now embraces the cassette format with its ‘Originators’ series, launched by a limited C90 from drum ‘n’ bass veteran DJ Krust. There’s also rumour of a forthcoming P.A.M. collaboration.


muslimgauze – a small intricate box which contains old blue opium marzipan
teja schmitz – studieren
the cro-tones – tea machine dub
gravats – îlot (snares)
richard h. kirk – never lose your shadow
chris carter – beat
ya ya choral – waiting time
gate – forever
mariam the believer – invisible giving (wolf müller remix)
tzusing – no primordial state
femminielli noir – me gusta el dolor
st. julien – jupiter
gesloten cirkel – submit x

**salem rashid (bedouin records)**


[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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