02/09/14 w/ Harvey Sutherland

02/09/14 w/ Harvey Sutherland

As prophesied, we have Melbourne synthesist Harvey Sutherland in the mix. A while back “Harvey” covertly blipped on the map with a This Thing cassette, prompting me to send out a search party who identified him as Mike Kay, the author of a superb slice of lo-fi boogie funk released by Peoples Potential Unlimited. Since then he’s come out of hiding, smashing the live circuit and committing tracks to Echovolt and Voyage. The next two weekends find him playing with Retiree at Goodgod in Sydney on Friday 5 September and the Gasometer in Melbourne on Saturday 13 September. Long distance listeners should step into the audio simulator, hosted by Melbourne Deepcast.


al dobson jr – kirton street (ruffy’s 3am canavan’s special)
special touch – garden of life
rx – strung out
mellophonia – time capsule
soul connection – in (and out of) love
ester – got to go
the reels – don’t love you anymore
bell towers – deep forest
onyricon – sweet dream (andras fox remix)
harlem gem – more than you can wish
craig t. cooper – nude walkin’
apiento & co – esp (lexx remix)
sonya spence – let love flow on

**harvey sutherland mix**

protect u – toughen up
speculator – royce edit
out 2 – easy go
max d – piano & dream world
kane ikin – slow walker / sylvester edit
anthony naples – POT B2
paul hardcastle – rain forest
chico mann – his favourite thing
robert newton & lotus feet – body shop
curtis hairston – i want you (dub)
tony cook & the party people – do what you wanna do (inst)
electra feat. tara butler – feels good (inst)
dj nature & kuniyuki – reveal yourself
harvey sutherland – close quarters
the green pickles – feed back

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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