16/09/14 w/ Tornado Wallace

16/09/14 w/ Tornado Wallace

Three time NIMH guest Tornado Wallace returns for more, having just polished off a new 3 tracker for ESP Institute. Recording Jonny Nash’s sweet licks, the group chants of higher beings and the nauseating pulsations of ‘Soft Light’, ‘Circadia’ is the first of two EPs to surface before the end of the year, with the other due on Beats In Space. In tandem, Lewie has been working with Otologic’s Tom Moore on Krautback duo Coober Pedy University Band. Their #1 best selling 12″ ‘Kookaburra’ launched the new Animals Dancing label with much fanfare and will soon be chased by Suzanne Kraft’s alter-ego Dude Energy.

Northern hemisphere dwellers can enjoy Lewie’s presence over the next few months. His UK/European tour kicks off next Friday 26 Saturday at Corsica Studios in London, where he’ll be celebrating Beats In Space’s 15th anniversary with Hunee, Mr Ties, Axel Bowman and Tim Sweeney.

(Feature image by Johann Rashid)


maxxxbass – exotic rain forrest footsteps leaves
femminielli – o sodoma
virna lindt – underwater boy
nautic – mpb (missin’ persons bureau)
kza – capricone
hypnotone – dream beam
spill – don’t wanna know ’bout evil (danny’s moto-mix)
tornado wallace – circadia
mu – extreme
daniele baldelli & marco dionigi – passion fruit
anton klint – spritzer part 2
michael ozone – oxygen
the project – leaves in the wind

**tornado wallace mix**

laramkia – a2
voice of africa – afro theme
yothu yindi – gapu – the tidal mix
txc-2 – intuition
single gun theory – open the skies – remix
ozo feat. mighty biafra – anambra (part 2) – sasha remix 3
simple minds – league of nations
onyx – octagon
f.o.e. – decline of the city
gate to the second level – il canto urbano
mishio ogawa – couldn’t translate the title, but how wonderful is this track?!
c cat trance – shake the mind
wang chung – the waves
c.c. band – be my love tonight

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]


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