12/08/14 w/ Beppe Loda

12/08/14 w/ Beppe Loda

Next week’s Beppe Loda tour has had me reflecting on this hero’s impact. Hero isn’t a word I often band around but when I was introduced to a few of his 200+ mixtapes eight years ago, they blew open a cavern of discovery and transformed the way I thought about programming music. Like an initiatory toke, I envy you if this marks your first encounter with the Italian club culture pioneer.

As resident DJ of the legendary Typhoon from 1980-87, Loda played for up to 7,000 people a night, with an effects-laden “free style” that re-contextualised familiar and rogue electronic, new wave, prog, pop, soul, afro and latin music into a disorientating, funky new sound. He’s distilled this spirit with this new mix Made In Italy 2, the sequel to a previous session hosted by RBMA.

Be sure to join us at The Imperial Hotel in Sydney on Sat 23 August with Pelvis, Steele Bonus and NIMH (tickets available here). He’ll also be playing Connections in Perth on Fri 22 August with Samo DJ (!) and NIMH, and at Animals Dancing @ The Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne on Sat 30 August.

*Vintage flyer scan by Alex from Mix Archives. Thanks also to Tropical Jeremy. All images of Typhoon Copyright © Typhoon. All rights reserved.


elisa point – taxi
din a testbild – satisfactory
depeche mode – any second now
die gesunden – galaxy
patrick cowley – mockingbird dream
david earle johnson & jan hammer – ramtide
yellow magic orchestra – seoul music
nef – apparition a l’endroit
dave ball – man in the man
chris & cosey – talk to me
radar – una splendida emicrania
yellow power – hai samurai
schaltkreis wassermann – gogogo
rainer bloss & klaus schulze – drive me funky
yello – no more words

**beppe loda – made in italy 2**

no playlist
100% italian selections
come to a party
and ask him!

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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