29/07/14 w/ Frak

29/07/14 w/ Frak

Grim electronic passages from dark lords Jan Svensson and Johan Sturesson, who with Björn Isgren, make up veteran Swedish analogue unit Frak. Their legendary story dates back to 1987, when three Karlskrona teenagers started performing a confrontational synthesiser and drum machine-led project, protecting their identities with foiled masks. With the first 14 albums issued on cassette, the theatre sound engineer, chef and sports store clerk have since bulked a massive output that touches on harder-edged techno, rave, acid and experimental electronics. Committed almost entirely to their Börft imprint, Digitalis, Kontra-Musik and Sex Tags Mania have also educated their respective audiences and preserved the legacy by releasing Frak’s increasingly relevant sound.


further reductions – beyond time
florian kupfer ?– head
diseño corbusier – golpe de amistad (benedikt frey edit)
ptu – tuesday night (dj sotofett’s laton 12inch mix)
juju & jordash – clubsex
metropolis – time of war
daphni & owen pallett – julia
i-f – casablanca sunrise
abe duque – this ain’t your momma’s minimal!
lost entity – on the verge
elecktroids – check mate
mr. tophat & art alfie – no holdings (samo dj mallorca mix)

**frak mix**

frak “phase conclusion” börft
daniel andréasson “whats my name? ft. andy mcneill” zodiac
phreak “acid on” atom
drvg cvltvre “my neck of the woods” 030303 records
drvg cvltvre “year zero” gooiland elektro
villa åbo “assiduous feeling” biorhythm
rusty egan “shock-r.e.rb” blitz club
gez varley “f.f o.d.t” force inc. music works
traxx boy “phantaman” acv
frak “sailor (monotono edit)” rub a bub
tommy walker 3 “sure as” dissident distribution
monster apparat “captain of mars” kernkrach
analysis “connections” survival records
villa åbo “love surrender” börft
amin peck “coda” democratic dancebeat

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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