22/07/14 w/ Samo DJ

22/07/14 w/ Samo DJ

A transmission from Born Free‘s Hong Kong post with Swedish DJ/producer Samo. Samo co-runs the label, which has issued Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Enchanté and Maxxxbass, with producer partner Sling, who he masquerades with as an eponymous artist duo and Hound Love. Various configurations have also released heat on L.I.E.S., including the superior KWC 92 LP – Samo and Max Stenerudh’s faux-fantasy O.S.T. set in Kowloon City. He’s also had his hands dirty remixing entranced and tweaked out versions of Bell Towers – Territory for Public Possession. Late next month he’ll be doing a one show Australian tour in an unsuspecting city. Look out!


tempelhof & gigi masin – red venus
a.r.t. wilson – rachel’s theme (fire)
j.a.m. – world peace (club mix)
ali renault – shnin
brenda fassie – qula
kabasa – we are the rainbow children
yuji toriyama – donna
jack j – looking forward to you
japan blues – baroque mutiny
jaakko eino kalevi – rakkaus tulee
liquid variety – the best part of the trip (the best part)
moby – mobility
arnold jarvis – the way u (trego dub)
zanzibar chanel – ass
design a wave – neanderthal nyquist
janet jackson – miss you much (oh i like that mix)
harry case – ride ’em off

**samo dj (born free/l.i.e.s.) mix**

s ? p ?? i ? r ? i ? t
canto pop
computer tide
jonny c
sauvignon blanc
moments in love
houndlove MAXXXBASS version
tokyo negative
lovers gabba

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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