15/05/14 w/ Tako

15/05/14 w/ Tako

The proposition of warming up for Tako is a daunting one. A supreme DJ and the deepest of diggers, he is continuously at the coalface of discovery with an incomparable list of credits that includes launching Redlightrecords, the holy grail of record stores, Greek retrospective imprint Into The Light and the Music From Memory label that brought us Leon Lowman, Gigi Masin and Joan Bibiloni. After years of fractured correspondence, we were lucky enough to host the Amsterdam native with Invisible City Sound System and Awesome Tapes From Africa in Sydney last November. It was an event we’ll spend eternity trying to match. After this, he and his record bag sent waves across Australia, smoking every cigarette and drinking every last drop. Here we feel his more spiritual and pensive side – selections put aside for last week’s Gigi Masin show at the Oude Kerk, the oldest building in Amsterdam.


rudy adrian – under orion
a.r.t. wilson – sun sign cancer
francesco messina – prati bagnati del monte analogo
erik wøllo – discovery
ichiko hashimoto – kitsune
ryo kawasaki and the golden dragon – you are like the sunlight
lins & ford – humble maid
pink industry – piano ping
not drowning waving – the same heat
gigi masin – almanac
mio takagi – shateikyori

**tako mix**

deux filles
mrika krivankova
popul vuh
can’t read its some japanese band
aphrodite’s child
nuno canavarro
mitar subotic & goran vejvoda
jorge reyes
orchestra de las nubes
steve roach

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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