29/04/14 w/ Vidal Benjamin

29/04/14 w/ Vidal Benjamin

A good NIMH episode takes time and patience. This show with French DJ Vidal Benjamin is the product of four years of pestering and not accepting “I’m too busy” for an answer. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that Vidal’s aesthetic, taste and mixes on Lovefingers, Test Pressing and Emotional Pop have had a big impact on the scene. One of the projects occupying Vidal’s time is ‘Disco Sympathie’ – a tribute to the tracks forgotten in the back of radio station vaults, compiling French vocals from the early 80s disco and boogie era. Scheduled for a European fall release on Gilb’R’s Versatile Records, the retrospective will be preceded by an edit 12″ in July, with contributions from famous members of the Parisian community. This mix could be considered the roots of ‘Disco Sympathie’, selections that share the same spirit but are made mainly during the 70s, sometimes flirting dangerously with Chanson.


suzanne kraft – i (in pads)
cheval fou – la fin de la vie…
curt cress – sundance
ronald snijders, anita breeveld & the children of the sun – kon esi baka
wilson legendre – africa 1980
i grandi di pepe – la canzone di orfeo
eva eva eva – do
fighters – dancing nights
melt’ pot 82 (raphael top secret edit)
mr. morse and his new alphaband – s.o.s. i’m in love
marini dan the steps – kuingin dekatmu
graziella – la nuit est sauvage
hye eun-yee – heaven is mine
martin armiger & wendy matthews – metaphorically speaking

**vidal benjamin mix**

spazial nugget
the upbeat king
verlaine et la cosmique
mon exutoire
ta souplette
belle speakerine
cliquez sucka
on s’éclate?
waffle serenade
la vie des requins
pas craignos
je suis tweed
mon temps naïf
le temps des copains
radar cassé

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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