16/04/14 w/ Julien Dechery & Sundae

16/04/14 w/ Julien Dechery & Sundae

It’s likely that you’ve already encountered French selectors Julien Dechery and Sundae without realising. The epitomes of taste, Julien co-compiled the Tamil synth collection ‘Fire Star’ for Bombay Connection, while Sundae runs the Hollie imprint which salvaged the Arthur Russell produced-Bob Blank engineered Nirosta Steel rarity, as well as Ocelote Rojo’s balearic opus. We freaked over all of these achievements but it’s their collective pool ‘Sky Girl’ that we’re most sentimental about. 15 unmarked cuts of revelatory folk, techno-pop and art music, housed in Misha Hollenbach’s collaged artwork sampled above. Once exclusive to Colette, the guys have now made the disc more available (we’re getting copies soon to sell at the shop alongside Steele’s Odd Waves book/CD and our Yamantaka Eye t-shirt). Having worn it to the bone, we invited them to piece together a follow up in mix form.

* * If you’re heading to our warehouse jam with Young Marco, please note that bottle shops do NOT trade on Good Friday and pubs are prohibited from selling takeaways. Please arrange your drinks BEFORE Friday & spread the word so everyone is prepared to have a good time * *


the android sisters – ray-dee-oh
jonny nash – year of the wooden horse
inxs – mechanical
katsutoshi morishita – imagery
syracuse – lovventura
antena – to climb the cliff
shiny two shiny – waiting for us
fall of saigon – blue eyes
tones on tail – lions
claudette hewitt – rock on
hiroyuki namba – tropical exposition
mariko fuji – yuki
essendon airport – how low can you go… (?)
brenda ray – d’ya hear me (demo)
steve roach – i meditate each day
tomoki kanda – everybody wants to rule the world

**julien dechery & sundae mix**

i so liked spring
café des oiseaux
sketch for a manchester summer
to new adventures
now the sun has gone
cast reflections
me for real (idjut dan edit)
femme fatale
sweet sultan
chase the dragon

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

We’re hosting the Sydney debut of Young Marco this Friday. The Dutch producer has recorded phenomenal cuts for Rush Hour as well as his spiritual home ESP Institute, which released two trance inducing EPs and the forthcoming album ‘Biology’, championing Marco’s signature zonked house sound filled with broken drum machines and 90s new-age synths. He’s also remixed Soft Rocks, afro legend Francis Bebey, Heatsick and local wild man Michael Ozone.

The last decade has found Marco cultivating great notoriety for his extraordinary genre-free DJ sets, with a fresh take on dance music that crosses everything from raw jaktrax to heavenly house, rhythmic exotica and weird disco. This lock out proof warehouse special features an all star local lineup of Noise In My Head, Steele Bonus, Pelvis and Hole In The Sky DJs (aka Canyons). BYO. 200 capacity. Tix available here.

* Flyer by DJ Fett Burger (Sex Tags)

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