02/10/13 w/ Kaoru Inoue

02/10/13 w/ Kaoru Inoue

Gather round to share a potent mixture from Kaoru Inoue, a key figure in the Japanese leftfield scene. Kaoru has been producing music for over a decade, dabbling in the art of earthy house, tribal dance and exotic ambient and is also 1/2 of Aurora Acoustic with Kojima Daisuke, a balearic combo influenced by Brazilia and traditional Spanish guitar music. The majority of his extensive catalogue has been self-released on Seeds and Ground (formally distributed by Crue-L Records and now dispensed by Ene Records) with highlights appearing on Mule Musiq and Endless Flight. Let the ceremony begin.


bernie worrell – volunteered slavery/bernie’s blues
vakula – you’ve never been to konotop
pierre akendengue – orema ka-ka-ka
leon lowman – liquid diamonds
jacob desvarieux – ryfyx
brian eno & david byrne – the jezebel spirit
d-day – sweet sultan
lena platonos – shadows of blood
philippe chany – aimez moi
ozo – times-a-changing
masaki matsubara – can’t let go
jackie johnson – how tough it was

**kaoru inoue mix**

airto moreira – back streets of havana
ken norris – from the train to the ocean
jill mcmanus – from the four directions
ozric tentacles – dance of the loomi
thrive – divide on
stygian stride – taiga
cx audio ie – life
holden – triangle folds
kasper – ode to the ancients
toby tobias – pathfinder
nitetime – hey!
tornade wallace – twirl & the beanstalk
mudd – mimpi manis
roberto auser – disco ritmo
justin velor – galliano rocks
great gongs of bali – gending rejang renteng
lift boys – space benders
the soul renegades – darling
mint julep – tame

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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