11/09/14 w/ Rahaan

11/09/14 w/ Rahaan

In session with Chicago’s disco connoisseur Rahaan. The DJ’s DJ. He witnessed his local house phenomenon first hand before taking up mixing back in ’88, tuning his skills over the decades. Knows a record or two, cutting up the finest moments for basement rocking edits on Grimy, Past Due, Jiscomusic and Stilove4music. When either spinning hands-in-the-air disco staples or off the chain rarities, Rahaan is a master of his craft who plays with pure feeling. Here we capture 45 minutes of fire.

(Melbourne friends – Noise In My Head is in town this weekend playing District @ New Guernica with Otologic, Jezadin, Biscuit and Laila. One night only!)


jamal moss edit
hunters & collectors – talking to a stranger (avalanches rework)
kounou – my native land
donna mcghee – you should have told me (disco mix)
the starlight – si on dansait (version instrumentale)
jolly kunjappu – sock it
rah band – slide
mellrose – don’t want start again
caramel – l’amour toujour l’amour
mystic merlin – just can’t give it up
cappuccino – hell dance with me

**rahaan mix**

jose james feat. hindi zahra – sword/gun
kon feat. amy douglas – all night (everybody)
universal robot band – barley breaking even
henderson/whitfield – dancin’ to the beat
omni – body groove
bunny sigler – keep smilin’

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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