29/05/13 w/ Yozo

29/05/13 w/ Yozo

Following our last round with the Originals’ master Sean P, we invite the series’ most recent contributor to the stage. A man of monumental respect amongst an international network of DJs and hardcore record collectors, Yozo Kumitake’s style challenges eclectic taste, exploring quality music across the board and digging like an oil well. For an impressive 15 years, Yozo has been imparting this knowledge to the open minded clientele at his EAD record store in Koenji, Tokyo – a local institution and a must visit for tourists. For more on this trip, I suggest you check Test Pressing for a cavern of enlightening and timeless mixes picked from the shelves.


the edge w/ michael brook –
hiro’s theme
the dream theme
hiro’s theme (reprise)
iasos – rainbow canyon
finis africae –
los pobres del mondo tocan el bombo
elbrazo de la selva
ryo kawasaki & the golden dragon – you are like the sunlight
masaaki ohmura – a touch of temptation
stratus – sympatry

**yozo mix**

uakti – uakti
uakti – planeta-terra
bazaar – departures
herbs – on my mind
herbs – repatriation
dag vag – hej & ha
dag vag – snorbloos
teddy lasry – raising sun on bali
gonzagao e gonzaguinha – estradas
the hugo smooth –
a. just when you think
b. if ewcan tucan
c. won’t play bumpum cars
ronald snijders – latinetta

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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