22/05/13 w/ Sean P

22/05/13 w/ Sean P

In session with the record oracle of London, known widely as “The Knowledge”. Since been gifted his first 45 on his birthday in 1971, Sean P has done it all, riding through a pre-internet purple patch as a collector, DJ, record store clerk, tape editor and pirate radio jock. A true legend in rare record folklore, the bionic ear masters Claremont 56’s Originals and his infinite memory bank has programmed and scribed liner notes for critical compilations such as the Disco Not Disco and Soul of Disco series (both of which were fused in cahoots with Joey Negro). Given that his online mixes are few and far between, I feel privileged sharing this. Plugging a crucial hole with no bullshit coverups.


lins and ford – lazy day
javier bergia- eucaliptus blues
country joe mcdonald – breakfast for two
santiago – lovely
tony sinclair orchestra – walkin’ through the night
stratus – my brothers keeper
richard sanderson – check on the list

**sean p mix**

no exit – no exit
jack dejohnette – epilogue
marc moulin – toho-buhu, part 1
azymuth – montreux
slop shop – aaron
beanfield – planetary deadlock
the dells – are your goodies are gone
the magic disco machine – trying to get over
incognito – out of the storm
trouble funk – latin funk
mavis staples – chocolate city
the tubes – drums
t-connection – groove to get down
upp – give it to you
glaxo babies – shake
james brown – dead on it
ralph mcdonald – jam on the groove
atmosfear – outer space

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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