30/12/12 w/ Lovefingers

30/12/12 w/ Lovefingers

Rounding off 2012 (sadly our final year of broadcasting on 3RRR FM) with three time studio visitor Lovefingers. A very central figure to the goings on here, the bulk of our guests trace back to this LA native in one form or another, whether they contributed to his former website of influence, edited tracks for Black Disco or are residents of the ESP Institute. The international jetsetter is a loyal advocate of the Melbourne scene, having released records for Michael Ozone and Tote Bagz with a Tornado Wallace EP due in two weeks. I’m salivating over ESP’s 2013 schedule so far – a Land of Light live album and remix series, a full-length from Young Marco and a 12″ from The Pharaohs. To think we couldn’t get any higher! Lovefingers recently participated in LN-CC’s Phil Manzanera project, remixing Island with Secret Circuit as ‘Secret Fingers’. He’s in town playing the sold out Animals Dancing party on NYD, but those still standing in the evening should slide down the Mercat X chute for the event’s afterparty.


prism – fushin
nozomi aoki – destruction no 1
mix-o-rap – all party people
tomoki kanda – ride watersmooth silver stallion
rolling stones – heaven
durutti column – sketch for summer
joan bibiloni – laiala, laiala
jose manuel – guitar love
matthew brown – borobo

**lovefingers live mix**

the spike drivers – often i wonder
hey-o-hansen – lonesome
the greatest nom that lives
heatsick – dream tennis (young marco remix)
montezumas rache – sigma tanz
secret birds – pink nites
bernie boner – cassettes’n’titties
shocks – n’grip!
land of the loops – multi-family grunge sale
juicy lucy – just one time
steve kuhn – trance
land of light – flares
dream academy – love parade

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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