27/01/13 w/ Instant Peterson

27/01/13 w/ Instant Peterson

After two straight months of international guests, we bring it back to leafy North Fitzroy with artist and record fanatic Lewis Fidock aka Instant Peterson. Having been generously sharing his knowledge with us on the sidelines (including many fine cuts from The Reels), Lewis gets his long overdue moment in the spotlight. Some 3RRR listeners may recognise a few of these selections from his frequent cameos on Andras Fox’s Strange Holiday. He’s also involved in the absurd Zanzibar Chanel ambient spin off Elevator Alligators. This introspective mix reflects on the paradisiacal summer that continues to radiate down under. Lewis has spent the bulk of the season blissing out in the studio, working on his solo show opening May 3 at Kings ARI.


brigitte fontaine – brigitte
yves simon – raconte-toi
bernard benoit – les macareux
the doors – ghost song
food of the gods – boy from brazil
david bowie – yassassin
antonio carlos e jocafi – glorioso santo antonio
dazzle white label
jeff phelps – super lady
shoc corridor – iceberg
elisa waut – four times more

**instant peterson live mix**
yutaka hirose – humming in the sea
adolfo rivero – in the stillness
aragon – ???
gontiti – ???
takashi kokubo – a dream sails out to sea part ii
parachute – essence of romance
santo – low tide
waves – summer sunday
tender leaf – coast to coast
keni burke – risin’ to the top (acoustic mix)
tatsuro yamashita – windy lady
dancing fantasy – dancing on a summers night with you
hiroshi sato (with wendy matthews) – only a love affair
capuano – soultalk (the conversation)
virna lindt – underwater boy

nick decaro – under the jamaican moon

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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