09/12/12 W/ Zoovox

09/12/12 W/ Zoovox

Not ones to blow their own trumpet, Lectric Sands is one of the most underrated imprints to surface in recent years. Run by Ben Gebhardt and Jeremy Campbell (aka Tropical Jeremy, formally of Bumrocks), the label documents the vast output of their eponymous studio in Brooklyn, exploring mid-tempo cosmic, ethno-electronics, lo-fi house and other leftfield biz. Their collaborative project Zoovox is three 12″s deep and joins a stellar catalogue of solo factions and outsider interactions, including the minty fresh Mazing Vids EP. This latest and greatest is hard evidence of Lectric Sands’ broad scope – contorted synth punk that could almost pass as lost Mark E Smith tapes produced by Daniel Miller, backed with an italo-rap Zoovox remix. Someone give the quality control manager a promotion!


tornado wallace – cloud country
auto route (lexx edit)
thomas leer – saving grace
zwicscehenfall – sandy eyes
moon b – freshness
tnt subhead – ecstacy and release
cti – dancing ghosts
lena platonos – a physical exercise unresolved
ryo kawasaki – lucky lady
pel mel – theme from splash
use no hooks – do the job
ryuichi sakamoto – the gardens of poppies

**zoovox (lectric sands) mix**

zoovox – untitled song from forthcoming album
wolf müller – wolf’s trommeln
scott grooves – untitled
africaine 808 – ricos theme
secret circuit – lagoland
jtc – banter block
j velez – under the sea
shawn o’sullivan – small beer
ruf dug – tape 13
seth troxler – last date
zoovox – splash wave
peyote – i will fight no more forever

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]


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