18/11/12 w/ Max Essa

18/11/12 w/ Max Essa

Max Essa’s new EP ‘Musica Originale Del Film Della Mia Vita’ (original music from the film of my life), has been hot topic of late. A prized selection of submerged body movers and the latest edition to an expanding catalogue that includes releases on Bearfunk, Is It Balearic?, Warp and his own label Jansen Jardin, also keeping good company remixing Cantoma, Coyote, 9dw and Jose Manuel. Essa’s output comes from the spirit of living life to the full, having uprooted from his London origin 4 years ago to set up camp in Tokyo. Tonight the DJ/producer kept the d-floor embers burning on a lazy end to the week.

Lots happening on the party front this weekend. Anyone in Sydney on Friday should check out the Hole In The Sky warehouse jam. Bamboo Musik DJs, Michael Ozone and myself are flying up to join Canyons and Steele Bonus. Eyes to the skies for venue details. Then back home on Sunday in time for this month’s edition of Day Care – a touching lineup with Tornado Wallace, Zanzibar Chanel and DJ Jez. Free as always and family friendly. Details down below.


kham lingtsang band – solar
babeth – bébé reggae
hemingway – clak clak et bye bye
nasza basia kochana – gniewna piosenka mumnika o lecie (rune lindbæk edit)
orquesta de las nubes – ella no ileva gafas
adriano celentano – prisencolinensinainciusol
richie heinen – beach freak
ric piccolo – sula
nadie la fond – 3 way situation
moon b ppu white label

**max essa mix**

land of light – strange attractor
womack & womack – missing persons bureau (folk version)
soft rocks – mirador (ray mang mix)
jeremy glen – found a love
kgo – ????
the dubless – jamkaret
chicago damn – hold on
tom petty – learning to fly (flash atkins edit)
donna summer – sunset people (dicky trisco/pete herbert edit)
john daly – move
the backwoods – flying bugz (kaoru inoue remix)
electric nightmare – garden of delight (edit)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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