21/10/12 w/ Charles Bals

21/10/12 w/ Charles Bals

The premiere of ‘Per Un Pugno Di Spaghetti’ (‘For A Fistful Of Spaghettis’), a feature length 70mm trip to the world wide west directed by Charles Bals. A specialist of obscure 70s vinyl, Charles openly shares his finds on the essential Cosmic Dudes Youtube Channel, updated almost daily with the most anonymous outsider disco, self-coined psyched “Beachfreaks” and galactic grooves. Following from the ongoing ‘Beachfreak Don’t Like Secrets’ series, all of which are available at his soundcloud and come with the highest of recommendation, ‘Per Un Pugno Di Spaghetti’ showcases a new sound that he’s championing. Shot entirely in Spaghetti Scope and using Saloon Sound, Charles laboured over piles of libraries, soundtracks, 7″s and audiobooks, devising the best way to tell this dusty cowboy tale. Time to hop in the saddle for an epic 110 minute ride…


propeller island – the jungle of sizzling stones
aragon – horridula
roman wafers love theme
steve elliott – one more time
uku kuut – visions of estonia
richard torrance – anything’s possible
tim maia – que beleza
the willow band – willowman
dwight thompson – my woman is calling

**charles bals ‘per un pugno di spaghetti’ mix**

hugo montenegro/morricone – intro – l’estasi dell’oro (1976)
francois de roubaix – peking banjo (1967)
quincy jones – turkey buzzard theme (1969)
quincy jones – man and boy (1971)
mario cavallero – per un pugno di dollari (1980)
jos̩ feliciano Рturkey buzzard (1969)
desmond champ – ghost town (1978)
doogy degli armonium – bounty killer (edit) (1977)
lee hazlewood – the nights (1967)
vivissima – sola contro un record (197X)
francois de roubaix – le rital (edit) (1968)
francois dompierre – saute-mouton (1975)
francois de roubaix – les dunes d’ostende (1979)
enzo minuti minus group – black shadow (197X)
ennio morricone – doricamente (1970)
francois de roubaix – le saut de l’ange (1971)
francois de roubaix – la rapace (1968)
augusto martelli – the joint (1978)
enzo minuti – giro elettrico – sophisticated girl (197X)
the wind – red morning bird (1971)
mexican church – mexican church (1978)
ennio morricone – citta violenta (1970)
ennio morricone – come maddalena disco ’78 (1978)
woodpeckers – woodpecker (1975)
aniel sentacruz ensemble – lunaris (1976)
rinaldo’s band – campasino (1977)
giuliano sorgini – manchester m2 6ld (1974)
francisco andrada – mas alla del terror (1980)
doogy armonium – mescaleros (1976)
laurent perrier – pop six cordes (197x)
alan moorhouse – pop mandolin (1970)
peter reno – spaghetti junction (1973)
ennio morricone – the man with the harmonica
mario cavallero – once upon a time in the west (1980)
g. sorgini – la cupida (197X)
disco band maximus – the mexican (1977)
mister loco
katunga – el baile del grillo (1976)
nico fidenco – all’ombra di una colt (1965)
ennio morricone – aces high (1968)
more – horizont (1974)
josé feliciano – ol’ turkey buzzard (spanish) (1969)
bill withers – better days (1971)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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