30/09/12 w/ Andee Frost

30/09/12 w/ Andee Frost

Triple R’s prodigal son Andee Frost makes a welcome return to Studio One. Many of us followed No Way Back over it’s 4 years with fond memories of cooking in the kitchen, hanging with friends and driving the streets, tuning in to hear Frostie jam it out every week. While thats now a crucial part of the station’s recent history, his essential presence in Melbourne still burns brightly. Tonight’s appearance winds him down from a weekend that saw him DJ for 26 hours across 11 sets. No big deal. With a bio expanding out of control, Frostie was a partner in this city’s last great dance music store Hear Now, is one of few Australians to guest on Beats In Space, hosts Toff’s Saturday free disco and vogue ball The House De Frost (soon to celebrate it’s 6th birthday) and amongst many other trades, is part of the Animals Dancing collective that are presenting Felix Dickson this Friday. Many fingers, many pies, yet a total purist never willing to compromise. Respect!


seahawks – pyramid lake/midnight sun/fade to blue
zenamon – oh nandu, what we’ve done
thealonian music – useless information
virna lindt – groom
bella vista – mister wong
wally badarou – back to scales tonight
love rose – can i eat your piece of cake
david keaton – space control
crash course in science – flying turns
preston brooks – flex

**andee frost live mix**

eject project – heart
juju & jordash – african flower (cosmic dub)
hungry ghost – (i am a series of) strange loops
les maitres-tambours du burndi – suite de danses rituelles
vakula – bug powder
pirahnahead – con-science
eric martin – emergency
polartronics – in the deep (instrumental)
dj sprinkles – sloppy 42nds (sprinkles’ deeperama)
hieroglyphic being – a romance of 2 planets
oni ayhun – oni ayhun meets shangaan electro
prince – bob george
matmos – l.a.s.i.k.

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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