23/09/12 w/ Ric Piccolo

23/09/12 w/ Ric Piccolo

Buenos Aires based synth-pop producer and re-edit technician Ric Piccolo has been turning heads 360 with his ‘Pampas Disco Shock’ mix series and youtube channel. Both collect obscure South American tunes from the 70s and 80s, everything from rare Argenfunk, space disco and electro-kitsch. An exciting ‘new’ sound for most including myself, these are the result of two years hard research and digging in forgotten caves. Piccolo has done the dirty work for us all. Tonight he presents ‘Musixploitation’, fusing some of his continent’s finest with jet setting grooves and modern productions. Fair to say its like nothing previously aired on the show. Piccolo has also been busy re-editing material by his local hero – Music Hall Pop Orchestra’s director Andres Masetti – adapting them to current times for a forthcoming EP release. One of these will be featured on the next Non 12″, alongside scissor work from Jan Schulte, Raphael Top Secret and Noncollective boss David McFarline. When can I pre-order?


suzanne kraft – crest
sheila hylton – lot of love
arvo – bikini
fashion – do you wanna make love
billy cole – bump all night
leroy brown & his defence force – in the book
yvan guilini – space 2000
nightwind – later for that
ray lynch – sweat it up
tambien – indignados
young marco – later than u think
being borings – hf complex
leon lowman – morning song

**ric piccolo’s ‘musixploitation’ mix**

luigi russolo – esempi sonori di (1910)
claudio caldini – ofrenda (1978)
yma sumac – the forest creatures
modern sound quartet – fishes
domingo cura – la pesca del indio
tremor – ant
leandro viernes – indigencia
domingo cura – golpes de america
mother brain – katrah quey
touch – holy other
cardopusher – naked in front of a broken computer
disco & co – space drums
nicka – felino del espacio
fernando – best is yet to come
abel – music and light
tamiko jones – can’t live without your love
lone – lying in the reeds
four tet – sing
ric piccolo – solo bongo (rework)
sergio rizzolo – metal teens
d. b├╝hring – butterfly dance
joe meek & the blue men – i hear a new world (1960)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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