12/08/12 w/ Steele Bonus

12/08/12 w/ Steele Bonus

Buzzing like a bumblebee to this new mix from our Sydney brethren Steele Bonus. Over the years we’ve reeled in guests from all pockets of the globe but this graphic designer come funky rebel deserves to be put on the map more than anyone. Since his NIMH contribution of 2010, Steele has showcased his collection of pure quality for Non-Collective and local party people Picnic and Future Classic. Some fine endorsements right there. I must have listened to this pysche fusion every day for a fortnight so it’s a pleasure to be finally sharing it with you now!


leon lowman – bumpin’ on sunset
land of light – isle of tears
mark isham – raffles in rio
metronomes – make it plain
jah larry – midnight
richard schneider jr – regina’s dance
g.b. golden system – shaba dab
witchcraft – outside inn
blue night – turn me loose
nytro – atmosphere

**steele bonus mix**

arica institute – absorbtion
joseph gzecky – libra
3 eme generation – les envahisseurs (inst.)
capuano & tosti – indian springtime
phil nicols group – buka buka!
caribou – stevie
dwight thompson – when my woman is calling
midnight session – let the music play
los pekinikes – tabasco
giomar kap flight – she she she & me
friedel berlip – exotic drums
quasimodo – esmeralda
surprise band – monter plus haut
lovelets – hot steam
burano and his gypsy caravan – good time
la quinta stagione – ESP
seven rocks – oiseau de paradis
eko – fly me back to kribi
daniel grau – tren del espacio
simon ‘mac’ nette – bop n’ boogie

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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