05/08/12 w/ Jolyon Green

05/08/12 w/ Jolyon Green

Balearic and ambient mixtape master Jolyon Green delivers our prescription! A respected London DJ fixture, Jolyon is often found playing alongside Matthew Burgees with whom he co-curated the 4th volume of Claremont 56’s Originals series. Together they have been long-term residents at Bill Brewster’s famed party Low Life. He’s also a frequent contributor to Test Pressing (grow your hair to his essential Ibizia Hippy Mix ’74) and has left traces at Cool In the Pool and Mystery Mix. Time to plug in your headphones and get horizZzontal.

*Image courtesy of Thomas Jeppe.


joe claussell – bahian trance – bira reiss
anselm spring – paradiesvogel
george theodorakis – signal
julie felix – the big bang
black blood – avenue louise
the raincoats – dance of the hopping mad
peppermint 2 – 1000 ans apres elton john
antena – be-pop
c.c. band – be my love tonight
bionic unlimited – jaywalk (thanks eiji)
paul martin – le troublant temoignage de paul martin
jaki whitren & john cartwright – inner fire

**jolyon green mix**

le mystere des voix bulgares – tche da ti kupin bela seitsa
richard horowitz – tendress
nadaka – om shanti
rao kyao – bagdad
vangelis – roxanne’s dance
passion ost – before night falls
v. cosma – gorodish
ryuichi sakamoto – exodus
thomas newman – udaipur
ayub ogada – kothbiro
olafur arnalds – near light
chris spheeris – desires of the heart
yello – homer hossa
richard horowitz – desert equations
pat metheny – above the treetops
ennio morricone – once upon a time in america

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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