10/06/12 w/ Nancy Whang & Jay Green

10/06/12 w/ Nancy Whang & Jay Green

Nancy Whang is an icon of this century’s dance culture boom. Witness to the foundation of DFA she became The Juan Maclean’s front woman and a full-time member of LCD Soundsystem on BVs/keys/synths, while her vocal talents were recruited for peak tracks by Soulwax, Monk and Shit Robot. Since LCD called it goodnight, Nancy’s been honing her craft as a DJ. With music and nightlife being such a dominant part of her DNA, she’s spinning like a natural. For this mix of cosmic club, modern house and glitter rock she called in regular DJ partner and Violent Bullshit leader Jay Green. As you can tell from the profile pic, it’s definitely something to celebrate! On a related note, LCD’s swan song concert film ‘Shut Up & Play the Hits’ was just announced for the 2012 MIFF program, fresh after last week’s VIVID screening.


joe hisaishi – mobius love
virna lindt – underwater boy
antena – naughty naught
uku kuut – vision of estonia
the solicitors – joyce
derrick harriott – whip it
nicoletta – broadway
mariya takeuchi – plastic love
galyn & steve – je t’aime, je t’aime
projection – turn your love (right around)
erik omen in atlantis – grade e (bell towers special mix)
usje sukatma – waiting for your love
roy reid – sweet pussycat

**nancy whang & jason green mix**

silver apples – love fingers
turning machine – slave to the algorithm
pixeltan – scatter
neon – fade to grey
storm queen – it goes on
jee day – aura go
voltage – all night
psychemagik – beauty and the bass
40 thieves feat. ozen – don’t turn it off
sniff ‘n’ the tears – driver’s seat
way of the west – don’t say that’s just for white boys
new build – misery loves company
guru guru – starway

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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