06/05/12 w/ AZ (Revelation Time)

06/05/12 w/ AZ (Revelation Time)

Flick through the racks of my favourite record store. Run by Eiji Taniguchi (or ‘Az’ as he DJs under), Osaka’s Revelation Time is the promised land for enthusiasts of exotic ambient, psych rock, weirdo disco, world rhythms, reggae culture and everything in between. Meticulously curated without a shit record in sight. I spent four consecutive afternoons here, continually losing my mind over new discoveries and Eiji’s in tune suggestions, gaining enough fuel for six months of radio. Eiji even shut shop for a day to take me digging in neighbouring city Kobe, prompting my knowledge of Japanese grooves to expand tenfold. To think that he hasn’t already given enough, here is Az’s first recorded mix!


sun araw/m. geddes gengres/the congos – new binghi
jah larry – midnight
steely dan – haitian divorce
nohelani cypriano – lihue
dominik von senger – only love can take us home (welcome stranger mix 1)
micky – bruja por amor
chrisma – amore
bluebird – sexy girl
tchai – every man

**az (revelation time) mix**

augustus pablo – drums to the king
dub vendors meets alimantado at king tubbys with jammy at controls
brown sugar – run away love
rachel sweet – it’s so different here
kamuran akkor – ikimiz bir fidaniz
r.d. durman – jukake sar ko pucho
adriano celentano – l’unica chance
??? – ???
ersen – gunse don cicegm
ersen – metelik
onuma singsiri – mae kha som tam
pino presti – funky bump
nishioka kyozo – tanima o kudatte
yves simon – au pays des
ilous decuyper – lelu
doogy degli armonium – mescaleros
vytas brenner – ponte a valer
kassiry – nne menika
shadow – de hardis
gino vannelli – fly into this night
ivan lins – essa mare
dan mastroianni – lead on
linda’s sisters – coisa linda
elizabeth teissier – predestination
ophiucus – universe

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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