22/04/12 w/ Raphael Top Secret

22/04/12 w/ Raphael Top Secret

French-Belgian DJ/dealer Raphael Top Secret presents ‘7 Inch of Pleasure’ – an excursion in obscure European 45s. While this doesn’t represent his DJ style entirely, Raphael is well versed in the continent’s rare nuggets, devoting most of his time to digging and bouncing between Paris and his home in Brussels. By night he is busy slicing up tasty edits of his finds, which will be released as a 2xLP on Ambassador’s Reception in June. Raph also shares some secrets on his Creme2laCremeRecords youtube channel and sells doubles here. What a guy! Big thanks to Jamie Tiller for connecting us!


lucio battisti – amarsi un po’
ginni gallan – l’amour ca rend fou
nacash brothers – after winter
1776 – you
sentimental (adel edit)
mr morse and his new alphaband – sos i’m in love
baris manco – aheste (baris k edit)
la p’tite fred – stormy love affair
marie laure sachs – shiver
oscar prudente – stadium
commandant carlos – the charm of love

**raphael top secret – 7 inch of pleasure mix**

the soul scratchers – scratch my back
yan tregger – hypnose réelle
i visconti – rhesus o+
time machine – bird in the wind
m. hendryckx – be quite
love isn’t easy ?
jessica ?
groupy island ?
pp love ?
epsilon – wake up
snake ?
doodoo mai mai ?
the indian sound of . . . black foot – smoke signal
blue daffodil orchestra – be careful operator
citizen samuel caine – a day
sirarcusa – streap-tease in the stars (the way i do)
le grand orchestre d’alain goraguer – sweet caravan
weyman corporation – kumbayero
sweet company – life
billy woost – body, body love
roland louis orchestra – play up play up
m.p major – el west b
paul roberts – sing
north south east west – anxiety

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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