15/04/12 w/ Roland Tings

15/04/12 w/ Roland Tings

Introducing Fitzroy producer Roland Tings who fuses mysterious atmospherics with pumped up house rhythms that will make your head roll. A few months ago fellow 3RRR presenter Anita Alphabet sent me one of his live recordings leaving me amazed and confused as to how he wasn’t already a local fixture. So here he is (Part 1, 25:47), taking over the studio for a 45 minute live-to-air jam, bouncing around, knob twitching and throwing his back out. Roland will release his ‘Milky Way’ 12″ on LA dance label 100% Silk (Peaking Lights, Ital, Forces) in June, coinciding with a Japanese tour. If anyone is interested in booking him in Tokyo (May 26 – June 16) or Osaka (June 16-23) they can email Roland directly. Hopefully some Melbourne club dates follow soon!

We kept tonight’s show focused on electronic music, flexing some world exclusive plays of new material from Total Control (remixed by Michael Ozone), Bell Towers (an Idjut Boys rework for Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal) and upcoming L.I.E.S. studio project Bad News – the dream pairing of Ron Morelli and Lee Douglas.


zadri & mo – erebus

**roland tings – live to air**

marvins future
love & belong
polo sport
we travel the spaceways
milky way
everything is linked

sea power & change – yesterday is dead (jonny nash remix)
larry heard – missing you (lexx’s liquid night edit)
maxmillion dunbar – everyday
breakout – powiedzmy to (zambon edit)
conspiracy international – hammer house
bad news – unknown title
lfo – track 4
total control – carpet club crash (ozone mix)
bell towers – idjut boys bell end dub
in aeternam vale – annie

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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