08/04/12 w/ Moonboots

08/04/12 w/ Moonboots

We’re welcomed back from a lengthy stay in the US by this paradisiacal mix from Moonboots, the resident of Manchester balearic club night ‘Aficionado’ for more than 10 years running. I was first exposed to Moonboots’ visions living in a former Christian fellowship with some friends in 2008. Initially the “house” was great, enjoying sharing with loved ones and occasionally going for bike rides inside the chapel while tripping, but as it was not designed for residents, the damp and cold conditions quickly got pretty brutal. Permanently fixed to the kitchen stereo, Moonboots and Balearic Mike’s ‘Originals’ compilation for Claremont 56 radiated positive vibes that were far more warming than a crackling fireplace. The amazing disc could completely transform the most enduring days and this thread runs consistently across his regular DJ output. Never preoccupied with ultimate rarities, his journeys often flirt with clever dollar bin gems and contemporary music that you’d otherwise miss (see Test Pressing and Another Night On Earth). This month Aficionado launches a record label with 12″s for Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra and Bodies of Water, featuring remixes from Phil Mison and Mudd respectively. Selections of these releases are previewed here on ‘One March Morning’.


smith & mudd – the waiting
crossection – annika
soft rocks secret
santiago – sleeping
tyrone davis – in the mood
kimiko kasai – use me
sue barker – love to the people
pastor t.l. barrett – like a ship
the willow band – willowman
charlie dore – falling
milton nascimento – fĂ© cega, faca amolada
spike – apollo 4
katsutoshi morizono – space traveller
crosby, stills & nash – just a song before i go

**moonboots ‘one march morning’ mix**


[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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