04/12/11 w/ Virgo Four/Bell Towers

04/12/11 w/ Virgo Four/Bell Towers

Two big events this week – Virgo Four return to Australia for more live shows while Bell Towers celebrates his long awaited 12″ release!

Virgo Four still stand as one of our favourite gigs of 2011. These Chicago House legends are THE REAL DEAL! Recording under many aliases including Virgo (a name also shared by Adonis, Marshall Jefferson and Vince Lawrence’s pioneering supergroup), Virgo Four, Ace & the Sandman and M.E, their career was shrouded in much confusion until Rush Hour’s recent reissue initiative. Last year the Dutch label issued their self-titled album which originally came out in the UK back in 1989, as a composite of several 12″s on the essential Trax imprint. This has since been followed up by Resurrection – a 5×12″ collection of unjustly discarded tapes carbon dated 1984-1990. Founding members Merwyn and Eric have finally adapted the material to the stage and play The Buffalo Club this Friday with Two Bright Lakes DJs, Magda Bytnerowicz and I warming things up. I caught up with them for a chat in April.

Today marks the release of the first 12″ from Bell Towers, the production guise for Bamboo Musik visionary Rohan Bell-Towers aka Roman Wafers. Now available at Juno, Piccadilly and Boomkat, this new notch in Hole In the Sky’s catalogue is pure hard-edged dancefloor menace. With jacking drum machines and worming synths, Scavengers takes you on a ride to the post-apocalyptic underground where bin rummagers fight for survival, while the acidic flip Private Time Dub documents what Bell Towers does best with a moment’s solitude. He swung by the studio to back these two tracks up with a paranoid promo mix!

Playlist 04 December 2011

**virgo four – interview**

virgo – ride
virgo – take me higher
virgo four – sexual behaviour
virgo four – forever yours
virgo four – in the valley
virgo four – sex
virgo – school hall
virgo four – crayon box
virgo four – let the music play
tom noble – malaco
lizzy mercier descloux – room mate

**bell towers – scavengers/private time dub 12″ promo mix**

the units – warm moving bodies slow
wonder – i man
beaugeste – la damne
nightmoves – trance dance
bell towers – private time
litfiba – yassassin
ann clarke – wallies
interfront – strange
canyons – see blind through (bell towers remix)
madleen kane – touch my heart
dinarama + alaska – crisis
ultravox – crossfade
cherokee people – indian reservation
peter ulrich – evocation
general master – master mix

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

Founding member of avant-pop wonders Gang Gang Dance Brian DeGraw plays a rare DJ set as ‘DJBDG’ at The Buffalo Club on Thursday 8 December. The New York art luminary, who has multiple works in MoMA’s collection and was one of the highlights of this year’s PS1 Warm Up program, approaches his DJ craft with the same unique spirit as his leftfield dance ensemble. Our NYC correspondent articulately sums it up for us…

“He plays everything from deep classics to modern new music trips (at PS1 this summer he dropped Reese & Santonio’s ‘The Sound’ before getting heavy on DJ Rashad’s ‘It’s Not Right’) and has a deep appreciation and love for other worldly sounds all filtered thru his brain and back to his hands. He kind of makes his own music using the tools at hand, looping phrases on a CDJ, beat matching into a vinyl record. No gimmicks, just pure experimentation and forward thinking!”

DJBDG with be joined on the night by outer limit DJs Noise In My Head and Bum Creek. No pre-sales for this one so arrive early to avoid disappointment. Only $10 at the door from 9pm.

Big love to our friends at Penny Drop for helping make this happen.

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