13/11/11 w/ Dubby

13/11/11 w/ Dubby

A magical show this evening thanks to a cameo from next level digger Toshihito Maeyama aka ‘Dubby’, one of the lovely likeminds that I connected with on my recent Japanese jaunt. Dubby works for online fashion retailer Oki-Ni, moonlighting as a DJ of world psychedelia, particularly focused on Spanish and South American progressive, jazz, fusion and new age. With a decade long history as a buyer for Japan’s legendary Cisco Records, Dubby now documents the knowledge built over a 17 year DJ career through mind massaging mixtapes for various outlets including his own imprint Feldman Records and Oki-Ni. Here he gives us a guided tour into the exotic unknown of Spanish organics and experimental ambient circa 1983-1989. Imagine listeners reactions as mother nature unleashed rolling thunder and lightning across Melbourne while this mix took flight on the FM airwaves!

Playlist 13 November 2011

jorge reyes – sazilakab
claude larson – mosquito
caetano veloso – fora da ordem
christy essien igbokwe – ku saura re ni
pecker – kylyn
wolfgang maus – testimony
pierre dalmon – jungle melody
john martyn – big muff

**dubby’s ‘mediterrani’ mix**

suso saiz – musica viciosa
joan bibiloni – indias
ishinohana – ishinohana
orquesta de las nubes – parte 3
musica esporadica – combustion interna
joan bibiloni – sa fosca
miguel herrero – el viento
orquesta de las nubes – ella no lleva gafas
suso saiz – una gota de asfalto
randomize – radio manila
finis africae – zoo zulu
finis africae – los pobres del mundo tocan el bombo
orquesta de las nubes – cama diarmonica
luis paniagua – atisbo del fin
luis paniagua – neptuno

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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