16/10/11 w/ Ron Morelli/Ian Macfarlane

16/10/11 w/ Ron Morelli/Ian Macfarlane

This week’s bumper show saw a live Q&A with Australian cosmic pioneer Ian MacFarlane and a hot mix from Ron Morelli of Long Island Electrical Systems (aka L.I.E.S.)

Ian MacFarlane’s weird and wonderful music has celebrated a renaissance in this internet age, prompting lengthy posts on blogs and message board chatter, yet still very few people know about him locally. We invited Ian onto the show to discuss his years spent playing keys, electronics and percussion for the live incarnation of Melbourne progressive rockers Cybotron (circa 1978-1983), as well as what went on behind the spaced out solo synth miniatures that made up his three solo albums Void Spirit, Back From Beyond and Planetarium.

More recently, Brooklyn based house/techno/electronic label L.I.E.S. has developed a sterling reputation with top shelf releases from Legowelt, Steve Moorie (Zombi) and Professor Genius’ impending new project Hassan. Aside from working with cult Dutch figure Legowelt, the rest of the label’s catalogue documents NYC’s more raw and authentic dance music scene. Head honcho and Two Dogs In A House member Ron Morelli went above and beyond by collating a set of other music that inspires him, most of which were picked up at Stockholm goldmine Snickars Records (“Shouts to Mika, Juri and Samo! Maximum respect!”). Ron works at Lower East Side institute A1 Records so he knows a good store when he sees one!

Playlist 16 October 2011

ian macfarlane – dawn approach
**ian macfarlane interview**
cybotron – mumbo jumbo
steve maxwell von braund – spirit
violet lightning – on the edge of eternity
ian macfarlane – the expanding universe

professor genius – hassan one

**ron morelli (l.i.e.s.) ‘respect to snikars’ mix**

she was a beeetch
happy alone
say a prayer for the morning
rough relations
a nice ass
out in public
with a sweet funky
thats’ racist!
full of passion
stay high
annoying male vocal
way better than before
and even better
in the roadhouse
danger little stranger
subdued disco drama
some nihilist shit
america #1 everyone else #1000
slanted and enchanted
how much low can you get?

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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