09/10/11 w/ Gordy

09/10/11 w/ Gordy

Back on the air after a two week jaunt to Japan where we scrounged together a few boxes of new discs and basked in the company of many inspiring individuals. Norio, Eiji, Fumi, Nozaki, Chee, Zecky, EZ, Dubby, Daisuke, Dr Nishimura, Cos/Mes, Dion, Tomita and Das Moth – thanks for showing us the way! I also raise my glass to Panorama Bar, Bonobo, Dorothy Parker and Chill Mountain for facilitating some incredible parties. Desperately hanging onto the memories. Keep listening for impending guest mixes from the deepest Japanese diggers and founders of the original style.

Similarly, likeminded escapist Gordy has spent a large portion of 2011 galavanting all over Europe. Tonight he pastes together an aural postcard of his trip across the Greek Islands, through Istanbul bazaars and the canal-side flea markets in Amsterdam to Parisian second hand bookstores and the homes of many NIMH guests of past and future! A very interesting progression from last year’s favourite, it’s dedicated to all the beautiful souls he encountered in his travels. Since Gordy’s last mix for the show, he created ‘Sundown’ for the always wonderful Non-Collective (direct link here) while documenting some recent record salvaging over at Empty Sleeve.

Playlist 09 October 2011

jonathan – li song
ralph lundsten – jungfrugrottan
stephan micus – 56 flowerpots
joyce – agua e luz
leona – africa
areski – dis-moi
taeko – turn it over love
battaeux – high tide
bautista – gone
antonio carlos jocafi – glorioso santo antonio
ann lewis – alone in the dark
tania maria – funky tamborim

**gordy live mix**

between – sunset
shawn phillips – prelude to a leaving
wolfgang schmid – circling
ozdemir erdogan – ac kapiyi gir iceri
senay – doy-doy-doyamadim turkiyeme
ergo band – piesn dla cibbie
alex – i gotta feel something
mato grosso – promessas demais
cast – take a message
renee geyer – be there in the morning
ruriko ohgami – sexy woman
marcos valle – previsao do tempo
pete dunaway – supermarket
daniel grau – meditacion

[Download Part One]

[Download Part Two]

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