11/09/11 w/ Nigel (Cage & Aviary)

11/09/11 w/ Nigel (Cage & Aviary)

First up we have a back 2 back session with Biscuit followed by a mix from Cage & Aviary’s marathon runner Nigel of Bermondsey. After a series of staggered 12″ releases on Dissident, Death From Abroad and their own label The Walls Have Ears, this UK production duo will finally release their debut long player Migration on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal next month. Feel the anticipation! Huge thanks to Nigel for going above and beyond on this one and supplying track by track liner notes! We also recommend you check out the other half of Cage & Aviary over at Test Pressing.

Playlist 11 September 2011

tim hecker – the piano drop
donato dozzy – untitled
demitris petsetakis – anxiety
cv313 – beyond the clouds
ponta murakami – song for nabi
orquestra de las nubes – basura del coral
kulpowicz – lokas
daniel bacalov – canzone della bugiarda/il ladro di anime
dreamland – ways of love
piotr figiel ensemble – dzien dobry panie wonder
sidan – ar goll
pieces of a dream – mt airy goove
affinity – don’t go away (dub)
dj nature – celebrate your life
touche – like a doorknob
guy cuevas – obsession
tony esposito – je’na

**nigel (cage & aviary) mix**


this little gem was made by Belgian session musicians in the late 60s as music for an advert for the Austin Mini Clubman. It was a toss up between this and an Emmanuel Brun instrumental to kick it off, but the Belgians won.

Egyptian Tomb

Mighty Baby formed out of the ashes of The Action, mod contemporaries of The Who and The Small Faces. They made the classic psych album Egyptian Tomb (this is the title track) before discovering God. I have heard that their God album is pretty good but haven’t got there yet.

Tango Whisky Man

taken from the Can album Soundtracks this is, in my opinion, the closest thing Can have to a straight song. Pre Damo, post Monster Movie. I went to the Can studio in 2000 and had a nose around; it was a converted cinema with mattresses stuck to the walls. The whole thing has been moved to the Cologne Museum of Modern Art, which is a good fit.


Dennis Wilson was the best Beach Boy in my opinion. Just go and buy Pacific Ocean Blue.

I Was A Lover

I kind of shoe horned this bit of TV On The Radio in on a whim. Sorry if it’s a bit noisy. Still, it’s good. This has Bowie singing BVs on it.

Loose Fit

Happy Mondays stand up so well in my opinion. Particularly the Oakenfold productions. Ah…… this takes me back…….. cider and black, beach parties and buckets. Sunburned squandered youth.

Hypnotic Music

Harrison Kennedy was the toughest Chairman of the Board. “Welcome to my ears”; I first encountered this track in Tokyo in 2000AD. I was in a band called Gay Dad at the time and I spent a week strolling around Japan pretending to be in Blade Runner. Pachinko…………What the fuck is that all about?


David Bowie is my hero. He had a run of unbroken next levelness from 1969 to 1984 which may be a world record. Even Tin Machine (which was shit) has not dented his aura. This track is from Lodger, the third of his Berlin albums. I was running the New Forest Marathon last year and this was the Ipod highlight. It’s ace.

Roger The Rocket Ship

One of the things I really like about this bubblegum psych masterpiece by Markley, A Group is that the singer fluffs the chorus lyric and they keep it in the track and even repeat it.

Green River

Left in the country rock and roll wasteland, The Everly Brothers started to loosen up. This track sounds like it should be in a Scorsese Film as a bunch of gangsters get wasted.

[Download Part One]

[Download Part Two]

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