04/09/11 w/ Tyler Pope

04/09/11 w/ Tyler Pope

This week Tyler Pope surveys uncharted territory with this out there mix of digi-dub and dancehall. Tyler is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who was a founding ex-member of !!! and rides the top of the New York session muso rolodex having been recruiting to perform and/or record with the likes of LCD Soundsystem, The Crystal Ark, Hercules + Love Affair, Amanda Blank and Pantha Du Prince. Never to take on a project lightly, Tyler finally dices 21 tracks in almost as many minutes with a refreshing listen that looks as far backwards as it does into the future.

Playlist 04 September 2011

cybotron – vulcaninfo
zenamon – oh nandu, what we’ve done!
leon lowman – friends
dreamworld – ways of love
the doors – the soft parade
max-b – super bwana
louis lesther – money love
methusalem – zombie
white singers – more love
annie – brain
julien babinga – mbongui-percussions
david byrne – make believe mambo (acid mambo)
t.c. curtis – you should have known better
haruko kuwana – akogareno sundown
quiet storm – only you (short version)
denial – whiteman
tamao koike – automne dans un miroir
richard schneider jr – regina’s dance

**tyler pope mix**

lenky – washpan rhythm
bad belly
annex productions – sweat
goldfinger – mudslide
sly and robbie – nine night
shams – tai chi
shams & frency – jedi
johnny osbourne – love is universal (dub)
bubble rhythm
ward 21 – sign
opera house productions – counterfit
party time
middle east rhythm
20 cent
african head charge – conspiring

[Download Part One]

[Download Part Two]

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