31/07/11 w/ Matthew Brown

31/07/11 w/ Matthew Brown

Last November, Melbourne’s techno jesus Matthew Brown played a heavy trance inducing club set at a Utopian Slumps fundraiser event that blew my head clean off! His live synth-whizzerdry brought together the best bits of Detroit’s weeping machines and the atmospheric tension of John Carpenter’s soundtracks. I needed to experience this again and was desperate to share it with our listeners. Six months later we finally bumped into each other and were able to negotiate this special live-to-air performance which Matthew effortlessly pieced together with improvised elements. Matthew is also a member of evolving noise-rock ensemble Zond and Yellow Magic Orchestra recreators Super Ryden Machine. Moon Rocks documented his solo appearance at the recent DJ Tote Bagz/Plus Cafe gig here.

Playlist 31 July 2011

gino soccio – closer
peak – abyss
**matthew brown performing live-to-air**

chris and cosey – the gates of ancient cities
schaltkreis wassermann – lux
east wall – silence
goblin – jennifer’s friend
gwendolyn – come to me (farley “funkin” keith remix)
legowelt – backwoods fantasies
konstruktivits – new york
willie burns – key horizon
purple flash – we can make it (instrumental)
jane harris – long train running
nightlife unlimited – peaches and prunes
keith hudson – california

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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