19/06/11 w/ Abel

19/06/11 w/ Abel

Abel returns with his latest mix ‘Wasabi Camping’. The Dutch DJ/collector sent this bedroom recording through a few months ago and I instantly realised that it was too good to be just shared amongst friends. It starts off nice and ambient before pulling out a few forgotten classics which prompted me to do something similar in the opening bracket. Expect a new 12″ from Abel later in the year on the soon to be birthed Non-Collective label! Thanks Abel : )

Playlist 19 June 2011

musica esporaidica – musica esporaidica
shusaki & dormu dance theater – yellow turtle
savanna silver band – pure silver
supermax – alassio
spike – writing on the wall
fleetwood mac – hynotised
bamboo – gimme some more of that gooja
paul maccartney – blue sway
prince – the ballad of dorothy parker
titus – you got me goin
la mama – kisuaheli
tch tch tch – i you we (rec 1983)

**abel mix**

marie claude cerval
george harrison
steve linnegar’s snakeshed
claude perraudin
carlos guifrao
toninho horta
rodolfo mederos
ofrenda vytas brenner
john forde
tony silvester
daniel grau
jack arel

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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