12/06/11 w/ Alexis Le-Tan

12/06/11 w/ Alexis Le-Tan

Parisian DJ/crate head Alexis Le-Tan is really deep in his world. Look, Harvey’s right there now. He first invited me to this other place with Space Oddities – two comps of way out euro libraries that he pieced together with likemind Jess and released on Permanent Vacation a few years back. I was then completely immersed by the brilliantly selected and beautifully packaged Audible Visions which was nicely followed by an edit collaboration with anonymous legend Allo Rodolphie and a slew of mindblowing mixtapes supported by Tigersushi and Lovefingers (Indians Do It Better is an absolute must for those interested in Bollyweird!). Tonight Alexis Le-Tan continued the thread with another space cake for Noise In My Head.

Playlist 12 June 2011

masahide sakuma – lisa
orquesta de las nubes – parte 1
mark c. pollard – quinque ii
nenad jelic/laza ristovski – in the sky
joan bibiloni – laiala laiala
jean yves-labat – le voyeur
just two – bring it up
fokewulf 180 – body heat
i’m talking – the bar
japan – performance
phantom band – for m.

**alexis le-tan mix**

hydravion – l’amour charter
savant – indifference
prince jazzbo – replay version
the prophets – back to the burner
cabaret voltaire – talkover
time cycle – retro action
daphni – npe
kza – le troubling acid
indambinigi – zimba
cos/mes – build the band
la batterie – shogun
stomu yamashta – and
math̩matiques modernes Рjungle hurt
rainer bloss – dessert inn
eternal – mind odyssey
abranis – thilleli
gay soundforce – american lover
kultra 1

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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