19/12/10 w/ Lovefingers

19/12/10 w/ Lovefingers

This weekend Lovefingers set Bamboo Musik alive and calmed the heads down in secret at Palm Sundae, before spinning an encore meditation live on the 3RRR airwaves. Three sets in less than 24 hours, its good to have him back! Some of our favourite releases of the year came from Lovefingers’ ESP Institute, including the Cos/Mes 12″ series and the Concentration samplers. The label also connects many past and future Noise contributors – Michael Ozone, Abel, Bumrocks, Basso, Secret Circuit, Tako and Jonny Nash. You can catch Lovefingers play one last time at The Rooftop (Curtin House Rooftop – 252 Swanston Street) on Boxing Day with Brennan Green, Ransom and Tamas Hey Convict. Praying for no rain so that we can all max on the full experience…

Playlist 19 December 2010

rare silk – storm
kulpowicz – samarpan
stroer duo + howard fine – when you stopped sleeping
hercules – unknown aliens
daniel bacalov – rumori/il ladro di anime
julien babinga – mbongui-percussions
j.m. tim & foty – ndola-ngo
gilberto gil – maracatu atomica
jorge ben – para que digladiar
phil manzenera – listen now

**lovefingers live mix**

between – devotion
daniel gerard – ils viendront tous
mode – lofi odyssey (stallions version)
the sabres of paradise – edge 6
frieder butzmann – glaserne jugend
vytas brenner – gavillon
gabor szabo – three king fishers
crossection – annika
suzanne ciani – sirens
z n r – solo un dia
mill reef – stallions theme song
heineken – hotel california
j-p decerf, p. legendre raimbault – chrysalis
reve abyssal – stridance
backwoods – awakening (cos/mes remix)
seapower & change – mango

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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