26/09/10 w/ Daniele Baldelli

26/09/10 w/ Daniele Baldelli

While my mind struggles to remember things from last week, I will never forget the time when I was first exposed to a mix from Daniele Baldelli, cruising around the bends on the Great Ocean Road. This audio paradise completely transcended my deep escapism. Synth pop 12″s played at half speed and morphed into this slowmo evil? Reggae LPs at 45? Somehow all magically blended into a sonic excursion of electronic kraut, afro boogie, jazz rock and disco staples. With three turntables (pre-pitch control), a reel to reel and home engineered filters, this legendary Italian would make Phil Collins sound like the most epic shit ever recorded. DJing at Baia degli Angeli between 1977–1978 and then at Cosmic Club 1979–1984, he had an output of over 100 mixtapes, many of which were created with his likeminded cronies Marco Maldi and TBC. They still sound as visionary to this day and Baldelli continues to spread his original style across Europe, simulating the Cosmic experience for new comers. It’s an honour to be hosting this recording from a party he played at in 2009.


gunter schickert – puls
dice – dice
map of africa – dirty lovin
richie heinen – beach freak
ennio morricone – come maddalena
tony mckenzie – ha-chica
circle city band – magic
mick – macho brother theme
ame – rrose selavy
jasper van’t hof – pili pili
tony banks – charm

**daniele baldelli mix**

chris and cosey – this is me
crusaders – stomp & buck dance’
steel mind – boss man
hot r.s – slow blow
grace jones – nipple to the bottle
daniele baldelli – cosmic tune
kinsman dazz band – saturday night
vision – lucifer’s friend
cats n jammer kids – disco drum
the police – how stupid mr bates
t-connection – funky lady
the fatback band – bus stop
koto – chinese revenge
harry thumann – underwater
k.i.d. – don’t stop

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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