Apologies for the fortnight break in posting. 3RRR had it’s 10 day radiothon so the last two episodes were just me spruiking over tracks, pleading for subscriptions and reading out long lists of names. Not an enjoyable re-listening xperience but absolutely necessary to keep this great community station breathing. Cheers to everyone who joined the tribe and subscribed!


chris & cosey – gates of ancient cities
astral sounds – crablogger
david earle johnson – juice harp
piramis – dracula
beauregard, violletti & ste-claire – ce soir
dennis parker – like an eagle
witchcraft – outside inn
black jack – jungle man jive
lipstick – shout
gary criss – rio de janeiro
loi – body contact
hurrice fifi – do you want me mon cheri
jj cale – cherry

gabi delgado – history of a kiss
laidback – it’s the way you do it
joker – germany
ganeva jacuzzi – love caboose
s’express – lollypop
peter gordon – another heartbreak
magnus ferguson – primal scream
harry mosco – step on
dennis garcia – door to dimension 4
effetto joule – roberspierro
fan club – 15’03

[Download Part One]

[Download Part Two]

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