08/08/10 w/ DJ Tote Bagz

08/08/10 w/ DJ Tote Bagz

DJ TOTE BAGZ ( ? ? ) back due to popular demand!! Another mong mix of strange house and techno dug from tha deep totes. ETOOT-ETOTE!! Spark tha insense!!


conrad schnitzler – tenze im regen
software – island sunrise
jan hammer – don’t you know
astral sounds – unknown aliens
steinwolke – white goats
dimitris petsetakis – clearance
concentration – verliebt
anand-milind – dekh le zara dekh le khudara
robert schroder – time machine

**dj tote bagz – etoot-etote – live mix**

oni ayhun – untitled
flexitone – nausicaa
? – seksi tagit salon dubb
black label
benzo – sibiria
hieroglyphic being – ancient echoes
howard thomas – untitled
jaco pastorics – suicidal tendencies
underground resistance – metamorphis
joe claussell – middle eastern blues
black label
oneohtrix point never – russian mind
omar-s – psychotic photosynthesis
manuel gottsching – e2-e4

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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