25/07/10 w/ Basso

25/07/10 w/ Basso

I’d never found a blog that warranted multiple visits daily until I stumbled upon The Growing Bin. Run by serious diggers Basso, Zeroy and Cesare, The Growing Bin shares high quality rips from the fields of euro-rhythmics, synthetic libraries, free jazz and earthy delights. Tonight’s mix is kindly donated by Hamburg based blog contributor Basso. This absolute relaxer is Part 2 in a trilogy of mixes themed Music To Read Books By. A triptych if you will, Part 1 is now available via Noncollective while Part 3 will soon go to air on Deep Frequency’s Cosmic Connections. Keep an eye out for some less relaxed edits from Basso in September.

Playlist 25 July 2010

rare silk – storm
claude perraudin – le petit casino
delia & gavin – rise
konstruktivits – new york
sweet d – do do it
chris carter – moonlight
idjut boys – five
theo parrish – synthetic flemm
mick clarke – time is now
v.d.b. joel – science circle
david earle johnson – rebel trot
akido – happy song
top secret – call me

**basso (the growing bin) – music to read books by ii**

brave new world – epilogue
cyklus – wolken
finis africae – juana & rosalia
between – happy stage
kamiya – mu opacity
patzer – patterns
zann – song for lu wang
paradiesvogel edit
yas kaz – bamboo beach
tierfeld – madly, sadly, badly
sango – death in the woods
ivory playground

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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