27/12/09 w/ Hey Convict!/Brennan Green

27/12/09 w/ Hey Convict!/Brennan Green

For an end of year special we present Hey Convict! joined by NYC’s Brennan Green (Chinatown). Hey Convict! is the explorative partnership of Tamas Jones and Jason Evans – two serious record fiends who live in Melbourne and New York respectively. Over the years they’ve pieced together some great mixes including Time to Noodle (expect a sequel soon) and Slow Mo No Beard. Evans is also 1/2 of Purple Brain – the weirdo concoction of psych oddities and sound collage that stands as one of our favourite releases of 2009. Cheers to Brennan for the cameo!


between – and the waters opened
deep purple – the shield
joe claussell – bahian trance (bira reiss)
aphrodite’s child – the four horsemen

**hey convict! & brennan green mix**

richard young – life on a bender
nightbird – undies
mahjun – les envants sauvages
the flock – the flock
vytas brenner – parrot locust
metro – overture to flame
tappa zukie – freak
ha chica (connie edit)
damian lazarus – neverending (brennan green remix)
via afrika – via afrika
beauregard, violletti & ste-claire – ce soir
so shall climates – chicken A.D
endless boogie – jammin’ with top dollar
yamasaki – seyu sayonara
trulala – tri tra tullalla
zig zag – voyage
country joe mcdonald – hold on its coming
elliot smith – needle in the hay (brennan green edit)
dominik von senger – no name 2009 (the con-tiki voyage)
max wall – dream tobacco

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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