18/10/09 w/ Sex Tags

18/10/09 w/ Sex Tags

After six months of hustling, Norwegian label Sex Tags delivered a mix that was well worth waiting for! Start trawling through the catalogue of this amazing label. Huge thanks to Stefan and Peter who pieced together this weirdo mix from the polar circle, previewing two soon to be released cuts. Keep an eye out for Yolanda on Sex Tags Amfibia next month and Don Papa on Sex Tags Mania in December. The mix was actually ripped from the real radio broadcast at Sex Tags’ request so please excuse the slight muffle – it adds character!

Playlist 18 October 2009

cerrone – generique ii
konk – percussion jam
hostage beats – suprize, surprize
tele music – black cab
michael zager – lets all chant
levon vincent – late night jam
sleezy d – i’ve lost control
heldon – standby

**sex tags mix**

he said – pump
don papa – distortion buzz funk
lil’ louis – nice & solo
theaving dreamer – radiation
thomas bangalter – shuffle!
disco dub band – disco dub (re-edit)
yolanda – afro salad
tanki tanki – tanki tanki
benzo – volodinka
kosmos – kosmoska
bjorn torske – fembussen hjem
the customers – seltsam.com (remix)
alex gopher – gordini mix (the lord of monza mix)
karl brayn and count ossie – black up

richard wahnfried – grandma’s clock work
kebekelektrik – bolero
max-him – roadhouse blues
amin-peck – coda
wally badarou – novela das nove

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]
[Download Part Three]

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