11/10/09 w/ Michael Ozone

11/10/09 w/ Michael Ozone

Michael Ozone who hosts Mind Fractals, the new weekly club night at The Toffy Apple, was tonight’s guest. Come down and embrace Thursday nights with some mind altering sounds, dense smoke, live italo raps and projections of grainy VHS tapes of Gumby. All senses are catered for. Also keep an eye out for Ozone’s Home Loan Records which is set to release adventures from Melbourne’s unjustly unknown producers.


su kramer – magic dance
nightless – crazy night
supersempfft – we found it out
grace jones – la vie en rose
gino soccio – so lonely
the seebach band – bubble sex
i blaguer – balla. ? .. no! ..
nightless – crazy nights (remix)

**michael ozone (mind fractals/home loan records)**

yello – homer hossa
quartzlock – no regrets
bodytronic – brilliant
kraftwerk – tour de france
chinese ways – secrets of china
sueno latino – sueno latino
dennis parker – like an eagle
fidelfatti – listen to my music
adonis – the poke
da posse – in the life
michael homeowner – home lands
front 242 – never stop
stefano brea – electric blender (afro mix)
thomas leer – saving grace

roxy music – india
linda difranco – my boss
food of the gods – poison
kraftwerk – ruckzuck
yoko ono – catman (the rosies are coming)
liquid liquid – lock groove (in)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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