27/09/09 w/ Hysteric

27/09/09 w/ Hysteric

Melbourne based Italo specialist DJ Hysteric has been a considerable influence on NIMH recently. His mixes, edits and compilations of obscure sides are complete eye openers and great therapy for inner-city traffic. We needed to share these experiences with our listenership so tonight we crowned George ‘King of the Radio’…

Playlist 27 September 2009

tri atma – mikrocosmos
bahumutsi drama group – to the comrades
robert wyatt & swapo singers – nabibia
johnny wakelin – in zaire
bohannon – red bone

**george hysteric’s discogs hits of 2009**

christine – dancing hour
silvie stone – charming prince
the claim – 1000 ohm
the splash band – starman
bu bu sex – great expectations
colors – lonely night
roxana – in your eyes
telex news – forever
n.o.i.a. – the sound of love
clad – song of arabia
trixie – no escape
east wall – ice of fire
joe maran & d.j. girls – king of the radio
otto mix & p.k. seigal – baby on fire
victrola – maritime
tatami kuruki – crocodile tears

motor city drum ensemble – raw cuts #5
doc l junior – you do know how to dance
theo parrish – selectors theme
klaus weiss – stretching out
steel mind – boss man
simple minds – league of nations

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]
[Download Part Three]

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