13/09/09 w/ Bamboo Musik DJs

13/09/09 w/ Bamboo Musik DJs

Tonight Tiny Pepperoni & Roman Dance DJ, residents of outsider club night Bamboo Musik, demented us with a mix of 100% Italo. Bamboo Musik is consistently THE most adventurous and eye opening night in Melbourne – a deep cavern of smoke and strobe, with dressed up freaks lined wall to wall, hypnotized by the beat and lost in a world of constant discovery. Czech out the club scene this Friday with this month’s guests Richard Kelly and Bum Creek DJs. Make sure you dress Germ!


wally badarou – keys
graham gouldman – bionic boar
methusalem – zombie
the residents – kaw-liga (dance mix)
zsa zsa “la boum” – something scary
nancy martin – can’t believe
riuichi sakamoto – riot in lagos

**tiny pepperoni & roman dance dj italo adventure**

marzio dance d.j. – adventure theme
voyagers – distant planet
topo & roby – under the ice
gazebo – midnight
tom hooker – indian girl
electric mind – summing up
low rider – purple
drums – drums and bass
mark tower – you aren’t fall in love
lama – nineteen ninty three
azoto – havah nagilah
es connection – don’t take your time
thanya – freedom
virgilius – hey d.j!
plastic mode – baja imperial
effetto joulie – lardenhtac
bagarre – lemonsweet
jago – i’m going to go

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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