02/08/09 w/ Beppe Loda

02/08/09 w/ Beppe Loda

Tonight’s special comes from one of my all time favourite DJs – Beppe Loda. Beppe was the resident DJ at Typhoon in Brescia, Italy from 1980-87 and has produced well over 200 mixtapes, seemlessly threading afro, new age, electronic, new wave, funk, soul, common rock and disco. These mixes form the ultimate listening experience for both public and private spaces. While in Amsterdam, I was lucky enough to catch Beppe Loda play Disco Exota (check the link for the full mix plus others) with Loud-E and Tako. I dropped Beppe a line hoping to somehow share this uplifting experience with NIMH listeners and he happily obliged!

Playlist 02 August 2009

joe claussell – bahian trance – bira reiss
g. pederson – christopher colombus
barry devorzon & perry botkin jr. – the riot (purple brain edit)
yura yura teikoku – beautiful (album version)
schoenherz – between judgement and madness
cluster – zum wohl
supermax – ain’t gonna feel


rockets – electric delight
the ultimate warlord instro (beppe loda edit)
methusalem – zombie
venus gang – cosmic daddy
stratosferic b. – cosmic show
galaxis – instant more
earl venus e eternity
laser – ?
sumeria – why must there
la velle – finally i’m free
final offspring – king khor
alain band – hold on
orlando riva – disc mussorgsky

omar-s – psychotic photosynthesis (no drum mix)
ron trent/chez damier – morning factory
crime stories – chemistry
basil hardhaus 2 – make me dance (african mix)
upsets feat. zero – ethno (neutral re-edit)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]
[Download Part Three]

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