05/04/09 w/ Tony Panettone

05/04/09 w/ Tony Panettone

Martian easter bunny Tony Panettone dropped into the studio with a tote bag of dark chocolate wax. Tony is the easter season alias of P.A.M.‘s Misha Hollenbach. Over the last few years Misha has expanded our mental capacity with periodic Noise In My Head mixes under various guises – Brian Damage, Brian Ticket, Bobby Gelati, DJ Dreamz, Boy George Michael, Balearic James Bitch and Artie Staccato. Since his last on-air sighting four months ago, the serial record buyer has probably acquired enough tracks for a 24 hour mix. Here he boils down the finest moments for a 83 minute high-impact session. Woah!

Playlist 05 April 2009

moodyman – the third track
c.o.m.b.i. – keep on burning
unknown artist – switch track (ugly re-edit)
omar-s – day (original mix)

**tony panettone’s easter egg mix**

tele music – electronic africa
magic planet – weatherwatch
brian eno – ba-benzélé
francis monkman – under observation
dudley moore – bedazzled
close encounters of the third kind – sky ride
yura yura teikoku – hollow me (instrumental)
truth – open our eyes
siouxsie & the banshees – humming bees
omar-s – blown valvetrane
melodious myles – evol yessyd
r.tyme – illusion
block system – don’t leave me now
chris ‘n’ cosey & annie lennox – sweet surprise
yoko ono – open your box
five letters – crazy man
adriano celentano – prisencolinensinainciusol
jesse saunders – on & on
will powers – smile
marshall jefferson – truth
cenacolo – african war
carte de séjour – rhorhomanie
john g. perry – how goes the night
santana – mirage

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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